Badger Prairie

Verona, WI
The ground should be firm enough. Please don't ride if you're leaving ruts.

Renegade Rick @ 2018-06-23 10:19:32


Middleton, WI
Quite a few slick spots, walk around anything that is still saturated. Will get better as the weekend goes along. Consider trimming some weeds if you have time.

augs @ 2018-06-23 11:17:54

Blue Mound

Blue Mounds, WI
Partially Open
Over Lode is good, some mud in the first 200m. We need more helpers, contact to find out how to become one, on your schedule.

Gary S @ 2018-06-23 15:26:16


Cambridge, WI
Partially Open
All of the trails south of CamRock I are good to go. Creek side trails need another day or two. Curses to the couple people out rutting the new trail when it was really wet. Please be gentle on the trails it takes so much blood, sweat and tears to build and maintain. And please join us in helping build and maintain these awesome trails. Post or message the trail stewards to volunteer! Thanx!

TheMayor1 @ 2018-06-24 06:53:29

Cross Plains

Madison, WI
Under Construction
We don't have a lot of trail, but what we have is sweet! Come help out with a Monday work day at 5:30pm. More information on the Cross Plains forum.

Cliffy @ 2018-06-15 09:35:19

The Farm

Ridable but there are several trees down and it needs trimming.

farmguy @ 2018-06-24 08:37:50

Northeast Park

Madison, WI
Trails remain soft. Riding on them will cause damage.

ddacko11 @ 2018-05-07 15:14:40

Pleasant View

Middleton, WI
Drying out well, but still many slick spots. The longer you can wait, the better it will be.

augs @ 2018-06-23 10:34:01

Quarry Park

Madison, WI
Rain, and lots of it. Its a mess right now. There is a big tree blocking the main road in middle of park.

ddacko11 @ 2018-06-19 15:18:44

Quarry Ridge

Fitchburg, WI
Upper trails are in good shape, dizzy has numerous soft spots and puddles, and it's still a little wet at the bottom of the Sandy climb. Please Don't ride if you're leaving ruts.

Renegade Rick @ 2018-06-23 13:29:51


Madison, WI
Just guessing

Renegade Rick @ 2018-06-23 13:50:07

Sheehan Park

Sun Prairie, WI
Oh the rain cometh, and the rain maketh everything wet. Please remember not to ride the trail when it is wet.

ccsachs @ 2018-06-19 09:33:38

These trail conditions are updated by humans who care, and are subject to change at any time. ALWAYS use good judgment when using the trails, and don't ride if you are leaving ruts.

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