Quarry Park Location

Although Quarry Park has deep roots in Madison mountain biking, it is the most recent addition to CORP's growing trail network.  Quarry Park (not to be confused with Quarry Ridge) is Madison's only official single track.  The park is a dense network of 2+ miles of trails that have developed organically over many years.  Exploring and navigating all of the trails in this small park takes more than just a few rides.  Much of this park's success is due to its friendly atmosphere and mutual respect between dog walkers, hikers, neighborhood residents and cyclists.

Upon entering the park via the gravel entrance road at the end of Barlow Street, take a sharp right at the top of the hill.  Here, you will find a pump track.  Ridden both ways, this pump track can help most riders, experienced or not, improve their flow.

The perimeter trail around the park, which is the majority of the mileage, is a work in progress and resembles a very natural flow trail.  Due to the rocky terrain and undulating nature of the park, this trail offers the creative rider dozens of opportunities for line exploration.   The main gravel road running thru the park from west to east is the heart of the trail system and allows riders to link various segments of trails,  it can be a maze at time until you get the layout.   Trail maps and names are being worked on and we hope to have them by mid 2015.

Lastly one prominent feature of the trails is the Playground.  This section of trails can be ridden and enjoyed by almost everyone.  For beginners, it will serve as a great progression zone, introducing them to bank turns, berms and sharp changes in elevation.  For the most experienced riders, this section features some of the best dirt jumps in Madison (maybe only).

It feels like an interval workout at times when going fast and Quarry park is the perfect spot to progress your technical skills all within 2 miles from the Capitol.

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