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June 07, 2017, 06:23 PM

Well another Battle of CamRock in the books. And by all accounts another great success! Great trails. Great course. Great people making it happen. That ran true for every comment I heard this weekend.
I can't tell you how many people made an effort both in person and online to thank all of the volunteers working to make this event great once again. And I want to take a minute to send a few shout-outs. To the Battle of CamRock Committee of David Vogt, Dave Reese, Josh Henry, Nicole Pedrick and Chuck Hutchens who have been working for a year to make this event happen. To the many many volunteers that worked the last few days to make the event awesome, thanks for helping out and spreading the effort to make it fun for everyone. To the Trail Posse that has put in yeoman's effort the last 10 days to get the trails in perfect shape. To the Racers who gave hours upon hours of effort to give the trails that "race ready" extra touch. And the awesome folks that have helped all spring with trail work to dry the trails, make them sustainable, add great features, and more. We will all benefit from your efforts through the whole season and for years to come.
I heard time and again about how awesome the course was. How great it was trimmed. How well everything was marked. How thankful they were to have no slippery or muddy areas. And how much fun all the volunteers were to work with. Comments like "the best course in WORS series". The "best volunteer crew". The "best water stop". "Best camping area in WORS." "So many great improvements every year, this race just keeps getting better and better" We are doing a lot of things right at the Battle, and it is noticed.
And though this event is a ton of fun, of course the main reason we do this is to raise money for CORP so that we can improve existing and keep adding more trails. To that end we raised around $9000 from the Battle last year, and this year we will be well north of that. David Vogt did a great job securing sponsors, cash donations, and getting sponsors to donate items to reduce expenses. So we expect to clear over $11,000 in profits this year! That will go a long way in making more and better trails.
So thanks once again to everyone that made the 2017 Battle of CamRock possible!

~ Chuck Hutchens

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