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Media help wanted!
by imwjl on February 23, 2015, 09:42 pm
CORP would like a volunteer to make, lead or assist in preparing a video to show our IMBA Chapter area and help explain who we are and what we do. Several of us have photos and video to assist if a volunteer doesn't have original material already.

Here's a great example from the Marquette chapter.

Marquette, Michigan: IMBA Ride Center from Aaron Peterson Photography on Vimeo.


Please reply or send a private message if interested.

Midwest Bicycle Show and Sale
by augs on February 22, 2015, 08:14 pm
The Midwest Bicycle Show and Sale (formerly Bike-O-Rama) ( http://bikeorama.com/bikeorama/) is soon upon us.  The event is expanded into the next building over, so we will have a whole table, less crowding, and more visibility.  We will need a bunch of volunteers to help staff the table.  I've set up a Doodle poll to try to fill the times in an orderly fashion: http://doodle.com/yfex8bbnezh4vnnu.  I would like to see at least two of us signed up for each time slot; feel free to sign up for as many as you want!  It is a great chance see all the new stuff coming out this year, and to generally immerse yourself in bike-ness.  As always, admission is free.

Another new feature is a presentation area; if anyone is interested in putting together any sort of slideshow or information session, let me know.

2015 Meeting Schedule
by skankingbiker on December 28, 2014, 08:09 pm
For 2015, CORP is returning to regularly scheduled monthly Board meetings.  Meetings are every 4th Thursday of the month at the Fitchburg community center from 7-10pm in the Prairie View Room, unless otherwise noted.  The meetings are open to members at large.  We will have a Q & A session at the end of each meeting.  Also, if you would like something to be discussed or would like to address the Board, please e-mail one of the Board members and we will put you on the agenda. We will publish an agenda at least 1 week before each meeting. We hope this format will encourage more participation and more transparency.

Next meeting for 2015 is Thursday, Feb 26.  Hope to see you there.

We need your help to get trails in Sun Prairie!!
by JHenry on December 22, 2014, 08:33 am
We NEED your help!

Please write a brief email to the City Council and Mayor (council&mayor@cityofsunprairie.com) to express your support for singletrack trails in Sheehan Park.

Here’s why:

For the last several months, we have worked to create a proposal to build multi-use singletrack trails at Sheehan Park in Sun Prairie.

On December 16, we presented this proposal to the City of Sun Prairie, and it was generally very well-received. Since then, we have encountered some unexpected and very vocal opposition to the proposed trail system. We need supporters of this proposal to express their support as soon as possible!

Your email to the City Council and Mayor does not need to be long or detailed (the official proposal is already very long & detailed). A brief expression of support is best for you and for the City Officials who read your message. You can view the full proposal at the Sun Prairie Moves link below. Once you have sent your email, please comment on this post.

Thank you for your support!



Capital Off Road Pathfinders is an IMBA-affiliated Wisconsin nonprofit dedicated to building mountain bike trails and organizing bike-related events in the Madison area and South Central WI.