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CORP Calendar of Events List
by TheMayor1 on May 04, 2014, 09:19 pm
There has been some legitimate discussion that there is a lack of broadcasting all of the dates for events going on with CORP throughout the year. There is an amazing amount of events in the next month or so. I will attempt to put them events here as best that I know them:
A list of fun days you should have on your calendar:
4/26 -- BALLS -- Another great year with great people. Who is taking up the mantle to run this next year?
5/24 -- Memorial Day weekend -- Ride your bike dang it!
5/31 -- WORS race weekend -- Please help out with this any way you can! Our biggest fundraiser of the year. Also our biggest need for volunteers. A fun weekend.
8/16-17 -- CORPfest -- Come out to CamRock for a weekend of fun and frivolity on your bike(s). Bring he whole family and plan to camp out overnight.
Sept/Oct -- Barn Yard Classic -- More fun and frivolity for an "end of the season" party/race. Is there really and end of the season anymore with fat bikes? I say no...
5/8, 6pm....and every Thursday night of the year. Thursday Night Rides at CamRock. We should be finally getting dry enough now to get these going again!

A list of the main trail building and maintenance days:
4/12 -- Quarry Ridge. Done. Fantastic turnout.
5/3 -- Pleasant View -- Done. A lot of really good work completed.
5/10 -- CamRock -- We have a lot of really good things planned for this year. You are going to love it!
5/17 -- IMBA Midwest summit --Come out and show your support for mountain biking in the Madison area by showing up here. Also a chance to ride the TREK trails!
6/7 -- Blue Mound -- Also National Trails Day -- Reroutes needed to keep the Mound Loop open.
6/21 --  Chequamegon 100
6/29 -- You are allowed to start your summer. Kidding ;-)

Monthly CORP meetings, who is in charge of putting them together, and ig known where they will be at. These will be the fourth Thursday of the month or there will be a well publicized change: 
Nov/Dec -- President -- Annual Party -- Madison area.
January -- Vice President, Membership -- TBD
February -- Vice President, Marketing -- TBD
March -- Secretary -- TBD
April -- Treasurer -- Wando's was a blast.
May 22nd -- CamRock Trail Steward --  CamRock Sport
June -- Quarry Ridge Trail Steward -- QR Shelter
July -- Blue Mound Trail Steward -- BM
August -- Middleton Bike Park -- M'ton Golf Course 
September -- TTF Crew -- TBD
October -- Race Director -- TBD

Massive Results from the Seminole Trails Fundraiser
by Nelson on March 31, 2014, 07:34 am
Congrats all.  Huge success.  I'll be depositing $5100 this morning in to our bank account.  Massive success supporting the local trails.  The final walk through at Seminole should occur in the next few weeks and we've begun discussions with trail builders to get the dirt moving.




CORP (Capital Off Road Pathfinders) is an IMBA-affiliated Wisconsin non-profit dedicated to building mountain bike trails and organizing bike-related events in the Madison area and across South Central Wisconsin.