CORPFest Volunteers

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August 02, 2021, 10:25 PM

CORPFest is coming up quickly, set for August 14 at Blue Mound State Park.  We've got people in place to pull off the basic event, but could use some volunteers to spread the work and improve the experience. Nothing too onerous;  group ride leaders, greeters, and a little help with the grill.  You'll still have time to enjoy the trails and the park.  Sign up here if you can lend a hand.

One other task is hauling the CORP trailer out to the park.  We plan on having the mobile bike playground set up for kids of all ages, but we need to get it out there.  You would need a vehicle with a 2" ball, though the trailer is quite light.  It is, however, homemade, and while it has proven perfectly road-worthy on a variety of trips, there is always the chance you may have to engage in some problem solving en route.  A small chance, but a chance nonetheless.  Shoot me an email if you might be interested.


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