Jamis Warranty

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January 18, 2014, 11:05 PM

So the good news is the Jamis honored the warranty on my Dragon and I no longer have a broken frame, but a brand new Dakota dxc Team frame.


It is actually the 2010 paint job, but Bikepedia does not list the 2010.

The less good news is that I don't have much interest in the new frame.  I am sure it would ride nice (same geometry as the Dragon), and it looks fast as all get out, but I don't really have the cash to build it up to the standards it deserves, and I can't see developing the sort of long term relationship with it that I had with the Dragon.  Which I sort of need in a bike.  But we don't need to go to deep into that.

So I am looking to liquidate it, and looking for advice on how to do so.  Like, what is a realistic asking price?  Besides here and CL, what venues make sense?  I am already overbooked next weekend so I can't make it to the swap, but would be willing to work out a deal if someone with space were willing be a middle-man for me.

If you know someone with a pocketful of cash, or one of these http://www.transitionbikes.com/2014/Bikes_TransAM275.cfm?Token={ts_2014-01-18_23:00:23}-d79a45ba01cb1b26-E95B85D8-FE77-F073-128B378EB78D44F1  to get rid of, who is looking for a carbon frame, send them my way.