CORP returns to Badger Prairie

May 15, 2016, 05:00 PM

Long, Long ago - before the invention of the Boost hub spacing standard - Badger Prairie featured mountain bicycle trails. The single track has all but disappeared and double track now stretches over the park.
CORP has expanded it's scope to include cyclocross, the off-road cycling discipline where dabbing is ok, and these trails are suited to skinny knobby tires. CORP and Badger Prairie; together again.

In addition to cyclocross use, the meandering trails through the restored prairie and the park's proximity to Verona make it a great place for family-friendly off-road adventure and a stepping stone to the MTB trails in the area.

It has been a while since the cycling features at the park have been upgraded. I have started working with Dane County Parks to tweak the park to better suit its current uses. If you have comments or suggestions please post here or contact me directly.