Military Mash Poker Run, May 19th, VBC

May 04, 2012, 10:55 AM

Military Mash Poker Run:  Saturday, May 19th.

$10 buy in, 100% payout

All are welcome.  You don’t have to drink or know how to play poker to participate.

6:30 meet time, leaving at 7pm.

Meet at the Firehouse in Mt. Horeb conveniently located at the trailhead with parking.
2nd Stop- Harley Blue, Blue Mounds
Trail Stop at scenic overlook (BYOB)- Bunny Hop Contest-*prizes to top contestants*
3rd Stop- Thousand Island Bar, Barneveld
4th Stop- Hooterville Inn, Blue Mounds
5th Stop- Main St. Pub, Mt. Horeb

Lights, Helmet, and State trail pass highly recommended.