BOD Elections; VP- Operations

Board Member

October 02, 2021, 09:11 AM

Annual elections to the CORP Board of Directors are coming up soon.  Dan Dacko is term limited, so we have an opening for Vice President - Operations.  Official position description:

Vice-President-Operations: The Vice-President-Operations is responsible for oversight of existing Trail Stewards as well as land managers and stakeholders involved in potential trails, and other duties from time to time as may be assigned by the President or the Board. The Vice-President-Operations is also responsible for chairing the Trail Development Committee.

In the real world, that means attending monthly board meetings (fourth Thursday of the Month, 7-9 pm), keeping in touch electronically, mostly via email, and interacting with, assisting, and supervising Trail Stewards (mainly via the At-Large Board Members), and fielding overseeing, as needed, trail development and improvement.

The principle requirements are a love of mountain biking and the time and commitment to follow through with tasks.  A knowledge of trail building and design is helpful, but not required; we have folks with those skills, and the ability to coordinate and communicate amongst those people will serve you, and the club, better than any technical knowledge. 

Interested?  Come out to the October Board Meeting on the 28th and see what we're all about.  Or send inquiries or nominations to