Tubeless Pressure

April 22, 2014, 06:42 AM

It turns out that the flats in the thread to help you remove the core from Stan's valves also makes my presta gauge not seal well so I'm left with my not very precise gauge on my pump (I could screw on a schrader adapter and use a different gauge I suppose but I was to eager to ride). 

Interesting....I was having trouble with the presta opening on my pump. I was eager as well so after two attempts I just grabbed the adapter and used the schrader opening (with no problem). I assumed it was my pump.

Okay, never mind me. My issue was my pump.  :-[ Whatever is in the pump head that allows the air to flow to the opening you are using was stuck...never had that happen before.

Yeah that Price Point gauge looks great for the money. Thanks for sharing.