Santa Cruz Bronson

Never stop moving!

July 19, 2016, 01:19 AM

Anyone in Madison area owns SC Bronson V2? Large? Itching to try it out. Santa Cruz dealer in La Crosse does not have one in stock either...
Deciding between 2016 Trek Remedy 9 (27.5) or 9.8 (27.5) (love that bike) or possibly Bronson.
It would be awesome to test ride 2017 Remedy as well if only Trek would make it easier to demo their bikes. And this is TREK country! None of the bike shops even plan on carrying REMEDY's, Machinery Row is a maybe... in 3 months? gee...


Pleasant View Trail Steward

July 19, 2016, 08:30 AM

No, but here's why John R. missed the latest Cross Plains meeting yesterday.

I have checked out the new Fuel EX including one with plus tires. They are REALLY nice, and will probably change most shops only stocking better bikes that are for XC racing.

The IMBA summit had pretty much everything to try and my conclusion was nearly everyone makes great bikes these days. I planned to get a VPP or DW type but changed after riding them against the "Reakiv" shocks. I liked the way those had firmness when you pump but are plush pretty much instantly.

Check out the current rental fleet at Cam Rock. Last year and before they've had Remed and Slash. A few Blackhawk members are usually seen there with latest, team or prototype products.

Duluth has rentals that might satisfy what you're looking for. Ansel who you might know can arrange more than the downhill bikes to be rented at Spirit Mtn.


Never stop moving!

July 19, 2016, 10:35 AM

I DEMO'ed 2016 Slash just recently in Copper Harbor and that bike felt home on those trails. I did the shuttle and after run 6 or so bike felt awesome. The minute i needed to start pedaling it up hill though - not the best experience. But doable. Bike feels way slack for comfy pedaling.
2017 Trek Slash looks great, and i would love to DEMO it, but as of now I am looking for "DO IT ALL" bike in Madison area (besides that all-stiff-belt-drive-single-speed-project in my mind...(good think wife is not on this forum)).
I have been to Camrock Sport too, actually last week they started selling 2016 TREK FACTORY DEMO BIKES...
Pretty good pricing as for used bikes with full (like-new-bike factory warranty).
Almost bought 2016 Trek Remedy 9.8 that i had a chance to DEMO last year on TREK trails and just had so much fun, bike felt so good!!!
Though, now i have that 2017 bikes bug in me and Bronson "keeps starring at me" in hot pink...
Decisions, decisions...