What to do if?

Trail Steward - CamRock

December 09, 2016, 02:02 PM

Perfect example of freeze/thaw today. 24 degrees and sunny. Some trail hard as a rock and frozen. But anywhere the sun hits the trail is thawed and muddy. I didn't see anybody or any tracks so thanks everyone for following recommendations.
So what to do if you misjudge and get to CamRock only to find out conditions are not good? Well time to explore. We are lucky here in that there is well over 10 miles of doubletrack grass or gravel trail and paths that can be ridden. I scouted a nice 10 mile loop prepping for Global Fat Bike Day. And it was an enjoyable ride. Some good climbs. Some fast downhills. And some good scenery. And you get to see parts of the park you don't normally see when you are here. Go exploring and see if you can find it all. So put that in the memory for the next time you hit the trails and it seems like mmmm...maybe I should not be riding today. Don't damage the trails. Just take another route.

~ Chuck Hutchens