Battle of CamRock Prep. Saturday 9a-1p.

Trail Steward - CamRock

May 23, 2017, 08:55 PM

This is the weekend to get the trails all spruced up for the biggest weekend of the year. There will be a couple thousand people at CamRock next weekend and we want to have things in tip-top shape. Many hands make light work.
With this weather our main goal is getting water of the trails. Cleaning drains, adding nicks and/or rolling grade dips where needed. We will also do some trimming, clear any hanging dead-fall, and anything else that needs attention.
Meet at CamRock Sport at 9a. Well hit it until 1p or so.
Come late or leave early if needed. If you need to contact us to find us call 608 7:SEVEN:2 7:EIGHT THREE:3
We could be anywhere in the park.
Wear good shoes or boots. Recommend gloves, sunscreen, bug spray (for ticks), and clothes you can get dirty.

~ Chuck Hutchens