Beers that you miss?

September 09, 2020, 09:28 PM

Are there any beers that either they have stopped making or that you found somewhere and can't get it here or they stopped distributing and you wish you could still drink it?

For me there are two.

Miller Chill.
This was beer with a hint of lime.
They stopped making it.

Henry Weinhards Private Reserve
It is a western beer from Oregon and I discovered it when I lived in California.
A couple of times through the years I was able to get it here. 
But for some reason they stopped distribution even though Miller now owns them.   :-\
I mean, you can get that silly seltzer but not the real thing and the good stuff.
It is my all time most favorite beer and I would love to be able to keep on getting it.


Pleasant View Trail Steward

September 10, 2020, 12:48 PM

Huber's Augsburger and Berghoff were good and great values.

Huber bock was something we got when I was in college in the 1970s. A former employer knew and had an occasional friendship Fred Huber who bought back the brewery in the 1990s and as I understood it grew Berghoff because of the sale of Augsburger. I remember the German brewmaster they hired in the 80s, and Fred Huber seemed like a good sort of character.

In that time and from those people connections I also remember the guy from Chicago who bought Walters, made it Hibernia and I believe they had growth and market problems from unpasteurized beer but their beer was good if you bought it at Madison areas places that actually moved it.

Logjam by Tomahawk, WI was another one probably ahead of its time.

In that time it really seemed like Sprecher, Capital and Hibernia were tops for better than average products for the time.