Which is it? Open or closed?

October 19, 2017, 04:40 PM

Took the day off work to ride on this beautiful fall day at Blue Mound.  Checked CORP trail report yesterday (and today) and...OPEN!  Awesome!  I pack up, grab breakfast and get to the park stoked that I get to ride today instead of work! only to find ... 'Mt. Bike Trails are Closed ' in big red letters at the entrance to the park and at the trail head.  It is my fault since I didn't call the park ahead of time I guess.  No Ranger onsite to ask.  I did call while at the trail head and the very first thing the recorded message says is that the trails are closed. I am wondering if  things could be synced up a bit better to know when the trail is actually open? Isn't that what the trail report for?  open/closed/  use caution etc ?

Thank you for your consideration...

Jeff Oakes


Former President
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October 19, 2017, 07:37 PM

Sorry about that, I'm not sure anyone was aware that things weren't gybing.  Here is the word from the BM Trail Steward:

"I received a  message today pointing out that the trail status of Blue Mound is "Open" on the CORP web page, while the park's signs say the trails are "Closed".

Here's the deal: the park staff agreed to follow our posts for trail status. However, due to budget cuts from the State of Wisconsin, the park often has only one employee on site during the week, and the office may have no one on duty. As a result, the trail status signs and the phone message may not get updated until the weekend.

If you are caught in this situation, just go ahead and ride. If anyone challenges you (doubtful), point out that you are following the CORP website status for Blue Mound. This should settle the matter. If not, let us know, please!"

Thanks for trying to do the right thing, and letting us know about the issue.  And, again, sorry you didn't get to ride.