Trail Conditions:   All good.

Club Events:

Watch for youth lessons in the evenings.

Trail Updates:

1. The "Skills Jumpline" exit berm now has a wooden wall ride.  Use good judgement as you try it out.

2. The "Gully Return" trail is now open,  if you want to session these jumps (no riding back on the road).

3. And the beginner "Ziggy Down" trail is open.

 Memberships: The Club is using a new software system for memberships. For biking/hiking for April 2022-March 2023 they are $45/person or $90/family. NOTE: biking/hiking is included if you have a Full (alpine) or Limited (nordic) membership.

Spring Work Days:  If you missed it and want to volunteer, send an email to

Club calendar:  Calendar details are here

For more information: Check out the Blackhawk webpage Blackhawk Mountain Biking, like us on Facebook  or Email with questions or comments.

8/9/2022 9:47 PM

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