April 12, 2019

The Pleasant View trailhead will be temporarily relocated for the next few months, and permanently relocated later this year.  The golf course is expanding their parking, and using the space where the pump track sits.  That sounds like bad news, but in the long run it is good news.  Later this summer a new trailhead, with dedicated parking, and access via Hwy 14 will be built, and in 2020 a new pump track will be built at that location, better and easier to maintain than the one we are losing, with room for future jump lines.  For those of us who ride to the trailhead, there will still be access to our trails from the golf course driveway.

They have started work on the new golf parking lot, so look for the trail access on the two-track under the powerlines.  We'll have it well signed.  Parking will be a bit of a mess while construction is ongoing, but once that is done (late May), there will be more and better parking.  You can always save yourself some headache by riding to the trail!

Construction on the new road for the new trailhead should get underway mid-summer; it will likely be fall before it is complete.  Thanks for your patience.  Go here for more discussion:

March 31, 2019

We stayed up all night counting money, and the results are in; $7000 toward the #SameTrailsBetter campaign!  Thanks to Machinery Row, Delta Beer Lab, Door County Brewing, Hop Garden, WiscoPop, Giant Bicycles, SR Suntour, Slide Food Cart, Full Mile Beer Co, Focus Board Shop, Trail This Bike Shop, Up To Snow Good, Flags Over Wisconsin, Bent Frame Brewing, High Noon Saloon, Little Luxuries Madison, Chocolate Shoppe, probably some other awesome folks who donated prizes that I'm forgetting, and all of you who came out to celebrate the great trails we have and the great trails to come!

March 12, 2019

The snow is melting, and we're thinking about getting the trails in shape for the season.  Spring workdays are a great way to meet other riders, learn a bit about trail maintenance, and give back to the trails that give you so much joy over the summer.  This schedule is tentative, it will likely change due to weather or other factors; be sure to check the events section of this website or Facebook before heading out.  Hope to see you out there!

April 13                                CamRock
April 13                                 Seminole
April 20                             Blackhawk
April 27                          Cross Plains
May 4                             Quarry Ridge
May 4                           Pleasant View
May 11                                    The Farm
May 11                              Quarry Park
May 11                           Sheehan Park
May 18                               Blue Mound
May 25               BoCR Course Prep

Vice President - Membership | Trail Steward - Quarry Park
October 07, 2018

Same Trails. Better. 
2019 Trail Improvement Campaign

The last few years have seen a tremendous expansion in the number and miles of trails that the Capital Off Road Pathfinders (CORP) manage.  This is undeniably great for area mountain bikers, as the trails host youth programs, several high school racing (NICA) teams, and a variety of group rides, while providing fitness and a connection to nature to innumerable individuals.  Unfortunately, CORP is at a point where maintaining all the trails we manage has become a real challenge.  While the storms of August 2018 and previous years have done some devastating localized damage and caused several years worth erosion in places, almost all area trails are showing their age and detracting from the riding experience.

To address this, CORP is kicking off our Same Trails Better campaign.  The objective is to restore and upgrade several of our current trail systems:  more sustainable, more accessible, and more fun!  Our goal is to raise $80,000 to bring in professional builders who can accomplish things in weeks that would take our volunteers years to achieve.

  • Repair damaged trails and features:  You may have noticed reroutes, reshaped tread, filled holes, capped jumps and berms, deberming, and rebuilt bridges, filters, rock and wood features. With the proper funding CORP can accelerate these results manyfold.
  • Improve sustainability:  Trail building techniques have evolved, and much has been learned about drainage and traffic at our trails.  This combination of knowledge will be used to make trails that last longer with less maintenance.
  • Get Green, Blue and Black trails back to their intended skill level.
  • Reduce the need for volunteers, and all that goes with it. CORP has a variety of opportunities for new trail systems, and expansions of existing systems.  We want our precious volunteer hours making these a reality.
In October 2018 CORP contracted with Backyard Trails to rebuild storm damaged and eroded sections at Pleasant View. This system was hit the hardest by recent storms, and while volunteer repairs have made the trail rideable, they are mostly incomplete and unsustainable. Additionally, they will be working throughout the system to rework and repair eroded areas. Riding the trails in November will be an eye-opening experience, showing how much different top shape trail is to ride.

In 2019, we’ll continue to do similar work at our other trails systems.  Details are still being worked out and will depend on the success of this campaign, but likely work includes:
  • Blackhawk:  Redesigning and rebuilding the lower section of Howling Wolff.
  • Cam Rock:  Resurfacing and reshaping on Mayors playground, Rip and Ride and Beer Run, and general system wide erosion repair.
  • Quarry Ridge:  Major rock armoring work on Sandy Climb, capping and shaping of flow trails.
  • Seminole:  Re-routing and re-working of cupped fall-line trails, improving creek crossings.

The Ask
If you ride or appreciate the opportunity to ride off road in the Madison area, CORP needs your support.  How can you help?
  • Donate to the campaign:  Go to or the CORP Facebook page and click the donate now button.  Consider the value of quality trails close to home; what is that worth to you?
  • Become a member:  There is power in numbers when negotiating and pitching plans to land managers or larger donors.
  • Talk with your employer about donating:  Our trails are valuable community assets for more than hard-core riders; families, youth programs, scholastic racing and more.
  • Think about the trails:  If you have noticed a section of trail that has degraded, let us know. 

CORP is a non-profit, 100% volunteer organization that depends on our community.  Ask us how you can help out, and know that your support is appreciated!