Riders Needed

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August 17, 2014, 10:16 PM

I cut some tread into the grassy double-track the other day.  I did it the low-budget way (string-trimmer), so the roots are still there.  It would be great if we could get some wheels rolling to keep the grass form growing back.  I didn't get as much done as I would have liked (time issues, string-trimmer issues), but would be happy to go back an do more, especially if it seems like it is getting used.  In the woods, where there is less sun, there is tread already getting established; on these sections I cleared some of the debris.

While these trails are never going to be world-class, if we can establish tread,  they can be reasonably fun, they are nice accessible, wide-margin-of-error beginner/family trails, and they get mowed by the city, so the only maintenance we need to do is ride them enough to keep the tread established.  So if you work over that way and need a lunch break or after work ride head over.  Tell your beginner friends to try it.  Send your cyclocross buddies over; it's perfect for that.  Come out on Tuesday and give it a whirl.