Positions needed. How do I help CORP grow and succeed?

Trail Steward - CamRock
Trail Steward

October 17, 2014, 10:58 AM

There are lots of ways you can help CORP grow and move into the future. One of those ways is coming now during the "off-season". Well at least it used to be the off season...then fat biking :)

But I digress. We have a number of Board positions that will be open soon. We will also have a couple of positions and ways to help out with the Battle of CamRock. Please keep an eye out on how you can lend a hand. We can always use help making contacts, setting up events, helping with internal operation, videos and photos to promote what we do, grant writing, etc. We are going to try and really focus on working with what skills folks have so we best utilize your interests and skills. We are moving toward a direction with the club where we want to focus on raising $, especially over the winter months. More $ will allow us to get a lot more done is a short amount of time. Then we can come through with our awesome volunteers and put the finishing touches on it. The latest examples of $ (machines) and volunteers working together to create awesome trails in a short time are at Seminole and at Quarry Park. Cool video here if you have not seen it. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10154679927595313

So this might seem like going backwards but it is not. I am planning on stepping down from my VP position of membership. Two reasons for that. One is I have not found someone to take over the CamRock Trail Steward, and I really can't wear both hats and give the position the effort it deserves. The other is that in the last year a lot of longer-term opportunities have opened up at CamRock. We have potential to really grow this trail system if we can make this happen. I can do more to move that forward if I am staying here in the community and working on the connections I have here.

So I am going to nominate Jon Augsburger to take my place. I really think he would do an excellent job at the position. He is super interested in recruiting more folks into CORP, and has done a lot of work to that end.
Nelson has nominated William to take over the helm at the President position. He is really tied into the politics of how we operate and that will be key going forward.

Of course these are also open to other nominations. And we don't even know yet if they will accept the nominations. They may come to their senses ::) If they do accept, this will still leave the VP position of Events open. I have some great ideas there, and would love to help, but I just have too many commitments to make it happen. Any other known positions that will be open we should list up here. If you want to nominate folks for positions also feel free to post up on that.

~ Chuck Hutchens


Board Member

October 18, 2014, 10:50 PM

Thanks for the nomination, Chuck.  I think we are in a good position to move the club forward on several fronts.

One question, for myself, and possibly other potential Board joiners; are the monthly CORP meetings and BOD meetings the same thing?  Just trying to figure out how much meeting I am in for.


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October 19, 2014, 06:18 AM

It's up air right now. The consensus is making them one meeting. The bylaws  state four quaternary BOD meetings and the rest are social. The social meetings have been hit or miss till lately.

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