Rogue building spotted at Pleasant View: PLEASE READ!

November 06, 2014, 08:53 AM

Hey guys and gals, I need to reiterate that any unapproved/unauthorized building will be destroyed. I removed a jump last night that was built in the middle of the XC loop return trail. If you're thinking I'm on a power trip and just want to have control over everything you are wrong, I am merely doing my best to make sure we have continued use of this trail system by maintaining safe and sustainable trails. This jump was built poorly using an old pallet and logs. The pallet still had rusty nails sticking out! Not only that, there is a borrow IN THE TRAIL!
I applaud the fact that this unnamed builder wants to add to our trails (and who doesn't like more jumps?), but it needs to be approved and built correctly. As for the modification to the first tabletop jump, I will leave it because it is more in line with our strategy; however, that small jump was intended as a hip and not a small side table.
This is not Quarry Park where you can build whatever, whenever. Most of the time, I will let you build if you present a plan or drawing and it fits with our goals for the park. I will probably even try to get you resources or a machine to help if needed. If you have questions or concerns please message me here or on the CORP website (