Trail is in amazing shape. Trails are fully tuned up for The Battle of CamRock this weekend! Enjoy! Trails will close to racers only from noon Saturday until post-race (about 3p) Sunday.

    The locals know that pre-race, and better yet post-race, is the absolute best time to ride. Trails are tuned to perfection, and after a few thousand wheels everything will be even more buff and fast. Get after it!

    You know that little voice in your head that keeps saying "I should really do something to give back to the Trail Builders who make these awesome trails" WELL HERE'S YOUR CHANCE! Volunteer a few hours to support us at the "Battle of CamRock". It is easy, you get lunch, drinks and pride knowing you listened to that little voice in your head!     JUST DO IT, FOLLOW THE LINK

    Battle of CamRock

    Hey, your friendly trail builder here! I need your help. Before you head out to ride, make sure that you have two things.  Your DCP trail pass and check that your IMBA/CORP membership is current, that’s how all this new trail happens.


    Dane County Parks trail pass  can be purchased online.

    6/2/2023 12:08 AM

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