City Council vote on Sun Prairie Singletrack Trails

Trail Steward - Sheehan Park

May 13, 2015, 10:03 PM

The proposal for the singletrack trail system in Sun Prairie is up for vote with the city council on Tuesday, May 19th. Though the Parks and Recreation Commission decided to not support the proposal, the City Council has the final vote. They could decide to support the P&R recommendation, they could decide to overturn the suggestion and approve the proposal and they could postpone the vote allowing the Committee of the Whole to debate (discuss) the proposal on another night.
We are hoping to to load the council chamber with supporters of the trail system; both cyclists, runners, hikers, Scouts, snow shoers and more. Please plan to attend and bring your family and friends. Even if the proposal is denied, a large showing of support will help enforce the need for trails in Sun Prairie and could only help with future discussions.
It sounds like there will be time for 'concerned citizens' to speak during that meeting. With that in mind, please consider preparing something quick and supportive. Please remember that this singletrack trail system is not just for cycling. We are hoping to build a trail system that benefits multiple users including children, beginners and experienced athletes. This will also be great for students at the local middle school and high school. Please don't use this time to belittle other users or people who have expressed concerns. Let's just focus on the benefits.
Details on the proposal can be found here along with an update and some FAQs:
The meeting will be held at 7pm at the City Hall in Sun Prairie. This will be upstairs and the building is located at 300 E Main St, Sun Prairie, WI 53590