first cyclocross clinic at NE Park a huge success

CX Rob
Trail Steward - Northeast Park

August 12, 2016, 09:20 AM

About 45 people showed up to our first cyclocross clinic at Northeast Park, hosted by Revolution Cycling Team (

We were so impressed with the overall turnout but particularly with the number of new-to-cross riders. About 10 people had never ridden cyclocross or even off-road before. The "for-women-by-women" group was a big success. Just goes to show that there are interested people out there and it's a matter of creating the right space for them to join in! We are really glad that people new to cross were able to break down some of the intimidation barriers and have fun.

Next steps: more practice and give a race a shot! Next practice at Northeast Park is Wednesday August 17th at 6pm.

To learn more about the upcoming local race season, visit:

Rob Lewis