Gary S
Board Member, co-Trail Steward Blue Mound SP

June 20, 2018, 01:53 PM

Following the loss to legal challenges last year, the DNR was asked again by the local snowmobile clubs for a master plan amendment to allow a trail through the park, and next week the Natural Resources Board is going to vote on whether to initiate the process.

What this means for the mountain bike trails is unclear, but if the process is initiated it's likely to be long, slow, and with unknown results and possibly more legal challenges. If the mountain bike trail changes are going back to square one, it's going to further delay the critical trail repairs, realignments,  and improvements that have been on hold since 2011.

We are currently assessing our options.

For more information, or if you want to submit written comments, please see the information below. The deadline for comments is this Friday, June 22 at 11am. The agenda item is 2.B.4

NRB June Agenda
Request for amendment
Public comment instructions

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