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November 01, 2018, 07:49 PM

Help shape and grow our local off road trails!  We are searching for a new President and Treasurer for our board of directors.

We would like to extend a HUGE thank you to outgoing President William Lorman and Treasurer Brian Donley.  Through their contributions and sacrifices they have helped foster amazing growth by serving two consecutive two-year terms. Both have given their resignations but will continue to stay active to help transfer their knowledge to their successors.

We are reaching out to the MTB community to help continue the great progress that's been made.  Send your nominations or requests for consideration to Elections will be held at the Annual Meeting on Nov 16. All active CORP members are eligible to vote.


CORP needs someone to help us plan long term, keep the big picture in mind and our group of board members and volunteers on track.  Help watch over the group to make sure communication is properly happening. The President is responsible for the overall operations and direction of the club, presiding over membership meetings and board meetings, and performing or delegating other tasks as are necessary for the functioning of the club and achieving its goals.


We are looking for someone with a strong accounting background (ideally in non-profit setting), and familiarity with QuickBooks would be a preferable.  The treasurer is responsible for making sure all inflows and outflows are securely handled and properly recorded and reported on a timely basis.  Along with the accounting functions, the treasurer needs to manage periodic government filings, insurance renewals, contribution confirmations and sundry other administrative functions.  We will also be looking for help from within the membership to support the Treasurer's efforts and allow for the proper segregation of duties as CORP continues on its quick-growth trajectory.

Thank you!

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