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Lucas Branum
Mike Cliff
Faryn Cramer
Ryan Ewers
Ron Knutowski
Mitch Love
Vice-President - Membership and Events
Board Member

November 09, 2018, 10:19 PM

 A little bit about our nominees:

Lucas has been a weed-trimming machine for the last couple years, and this summer was relentless.  If you ever rode without getting whacked in the face, it was likely due to some of his work.

Mike has put in innumerable hours over the last few years, going to meetings and calling officials, and in the last year or so building trail out in Cross Plains.  Simply put, if it weren't for him, our newest trail system wouldn't exist.

Faryn came out and risked death by mosquito to help put Pleasant View back together after the August storms.  Did we mention that she doesn't even ride?  That gives her the highest work/riding ratio around.

Ryan has become a stalwart out Blue Mound, keeping the trails clear and tuned and giving Walt more time to get that one rock just right.

Ron has killed it out at Cross Plains this summer, even taking several days off work to make sure the east loop got roughed-in before winter.  If Mike made the trails happen, Ron has made them what they are.

Mitch took on the daunting task of managing nearly 100 volunteers at the Battle of Camrock, and pulled it off without a hitch.  Then he went on to lead the resurrection of Bobsled Run, bringing that storied trail out back and into the hearts of many a rider.

Note that we had two Board members (Gary Schweisthal and William Lorman) and one previous winner (Dave Reece) nominated.  All three of them contributed enough to warrant a spot on the list, but we've got to spread the love around.

Thanks to all the nominees, and everyone else who has given back to the trails this year.  That's what it takes to keep us all off road!