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December 27, 2018, 10:50 AM

Our friends over at Brazen Dropouts are having their annual Swap Meet on Saturday, Jan 12.  If you're looking for inexpensive or hard-to-find parts or bikes, you stand a good chance of finding it there.  And if you are tired of having a garage or basement full of bike stuff, it's a great way to find it a new home and turn it into cash (that you can spend on more bike stuff!).  Details here:

The CORP promo booth will be there, so stop by and visit.  Or, heck, volunteer to staff it:  We'll cover your entry fee and parking (though there is free bike parking, so riding to the event is like donating to CORP), and we'll have room for you to display a few items to sell if you've got them (not alot of room, though; you'll have to get your own table if you're cleaning out the garage).  It's an easy gig, just sharing information about the trails and encouraging folks to both get out and ride, and support us.