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December 30, 2018, 08:29 PM

Capital Off Road Pathfinders is asking YOU the community to help create a new design for our volunteer T-shirts. It has been a while since a refresh has happened and we figured since you wear these items your creative input would be best. By the community for the community. This design will be used for T-shirts and other items for workdays, Battle of Cam Rock and other events where CORP volunteers have a presence.

Here are the details. Simple as possible

  • A $100 gift certificate (to any CORP bicycle retail sponsor) will be awarded to the winning design and a T-shirt.
  • Must be your own drawing, artwork or creation. You must own the rights.
  • The design must have Capital Off Road Pathfinders text and must be legible. Various fonts can be used, but are subject to board approval.
  • The word VOLUNTEER is to be used, best case it is apart of the design but it can be used on its own if needed. That is on Front or Back.
  • There are no criteria for the design itself, but elements of inclusion of the larger off-road community, trail work, mountain bikes, Dane and Sauk county culture help tell our story.
  • Best is to provide an AI or EPS file. Keep design within a 9" x 9" dimension, we might resize for printing but we don't want to have to cut elements out.
  • To keep things uniform for judging, designs need to be placed on a T-shirt template. See the attachment at Madcitydirt.com
  • To submit artwork for voting, email to dan.dacko@madcitydirt.com

All submissions must be submitted by March 1st, voting will end March 15th. We will be providing voting how to details later.

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