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September 19, 2019, 10:26 PM

Jeremy Witek and his team at Global Action Sports Solutions have just wrapped up another awesome project at Blackhawk Ski Club.  The Switchbacks, the thing of nightmares for many a rider (though a fun challenge for a select few), have been transformed into a grueling, but much more rideable climb.  It will remain a two-way trail, but the turns are still tight, so those going downhill will be going slow enough to yield to the climbers.  They had a little time left over, and buffed out the lower section of Howling Wolff; it should be quite a bit less sketchy, but as fun as ever.

Next they're moving on to CamRock to execute Phase 2 of the Mayor's Playground re-build.  Better flow, better progression, and bigger air are all on the way.  It will be great to see the last portion of 2019's SameTrailsBetter campaign come to fruition.  If you see them out there, thank them for the amazing work.  And if you like what you see and feel under your wheels, help make it keep happening; join, donate, or volunteer today!

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