Blackhawk - Pleasant View Connector Closed

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October 19, 2019, 08:34 PM

The Blackhawk-to-Pleasant View Connector is closed until further notice.  This trail runs over private property.  The landowner has generously allowed us to use it to connect the two trails systems, but has become alarmed by the extent of the rutting and the recent high water.  We are actively working with him to resolve the issues, and will re-open the trail as soon as possible.  For the time being, if you want to ride both systems, you'll need to make the connection via Pleasant View and Blackhawk Roads.

It is very important that we, as a community, respect the landowner's wishes and stay off for the time being.  It would be entirely within his right to close it forever.  Our demonstrating that we can respect his request will play an important part in coming to an agreement that works well for everyone.  In addition, he owns much of the land that is being considered for the Central Cross Country Ski facility, and he has a great deal of influence on how much, if any, single-track will get built as part of that project.  The chance to add more miles to Pleasant View and eliminate much of the two-way trail will be well worth a couple weeks of not using the Connector.

Please pass this along, and we'll get the word out when things change.  Thank you.

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