Blue Mound SP Public Input Needed

Gary S
Board Member, co-Trail Steward Blue Mound SP

November 14, 2019, 12:36 PM

The WI DNR is taking input through Dec 2 on the Master Plan alternatives that are now available for public review. Links to input forms and more information are provided below for your convenience.

CORP is primarily advocating for Alternative 1 for the MTB trail system.  The other option to maintain the status quo would not allow us to accommodate beginner mountain bikers, realign several trail corridors away from chronically wet areas, or complete trails such as the unique Pokerville trail. Also, Alternative 1 for the Project (Park) Boundary, Alternative 1 for Campground Expansion, and XC ski Alternative 2 (status quo) are worth considering if you want to potentially see more trails, a group camping option, and less potential for disruption of the MTB trails with an XC ski trail reroute, respectively.

There is some confusion regarding the mountain bike Alternative 1 plan.  The map provided does not include two trail segments that were recommended by CORP, and the increase in total mileage is not reflected with these omissions. On the interactive map, there is also a trail alignment added to the north of the Friends shelter (just east of John Minix trail) that was not part of our submission.  These issues were brought to the attention of and acknowledged by the DNR planning team.  CORP will continue to provide feedback on these and other issues prior to the release of the Draft Master Plan, when there will be another opportunity for input.  Stay tuned!

In addition to CORP's original proposal, you can now review the modified proposals for both Gneiss/Holy Schist and Pokerville, which were submitted to address some concerns.


Blue Mound State Park Master Planning portal:
Online public input form (interactive, desktop):
Online public input form (mobile-friendly):

CORP Original Proposal:
CORP Modified Proposal - Gneiss/Holy Schist:
CORP Modified Proposal - Pokerville:

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