2019 Volunteer of the Year Voting

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Who should we honor with the CORP Volunteer of the Year Award this year?

Wade Carlson
3 (15.8%)
Mitch Love
12 (63.2%)
Jeremy Witek
4 (21.1%)

Total Members Voted: 19

Voting closed:
December 06, 2019, 11:12 AM

Board Member

November 30, 2019, 07:00 AM

The nominations are in, and it's time to vote!  We've got three contenders this year:

Wade Carlson:  From his nomination; "Wade has done an outstanding job at recruiting extra volunteers for trail workdays, and in a very positive manner.  He goes above and beyond by offering other volunteer workers rides and bringing necessary tools for the workday.  He even makes long workdays in the rain ok - he makes everything fun!  Wade's positivity carries over with him when he is out riding on the trails.  He always has some words of encouragement to his fellow trail riders, no matter their age or skill level. "

Mitch Love:  From his nominations; "He has singlehandedly resurrected the Cliff Edge trail from near oblivion, and enhanced it by adding features, reroutes, etc to the point that it is now a featured trail to ride."  "Not only does he spend his time, but he has been very encouraging and inspiring for others to come out and do trail work. He  has taught me a great deal about dirt work."  "Countless trail hours and an almost single-handed resurrection of Cliff Edge at Camrock. This guy even organized a NICA team workday for erosion control after the mayors playground build. "  "Non-stop effort in trail maintenance, snow grooming, BOC support, NICA coaching and fundraiser support."

Jeremy Witek:  In addition to all the amazing contracted work Jeremy did this year, he donated his time and expertise to several projects, particularly at Quarry Ridge and Cross Plains.  And if that weren't enough, he resurrected Wednesday evening racing, hosting the excellent MAD Camel Races.

Vote for who you feel is most deserving, and we'll announce the winner at next Friday's Annual Meeting

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