CORP 100

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June 15, 2020, 10:37 PM

One of the core ideas of the MadBATS plan (more news to come on that soon) is to create a system of off-road cycling facilities connected by Madison's existing cycling infrastructure.  A few of us started thinking a little bigger, and decided to link up some of our existing systems, and the CORP 100 was born.  Two routes, one at 100 miles, one 100 km, linking 9 or 8 of our trails systems, each with about equal amounts of road, multi-use path, and single-track.  It being the first year and a pandemic, we're doing it virtually, though we will have a semi-official ride day.

It being virtual and un-supported, if you've got other ideas about what will make an epic CORP day, go for it, and share your adventure on  Facebook or the forum.  If three or four trails makes it epic for you, let us know.  If you can make it out to CamRock to make it an even 10, we definitely want to hear about it.

Of course there's a t-shirt!  Register to make it official and you'll get one of them, and a patch, and all proceeds go toward improving the local trails.

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