Aldo Leopold Park - Trail Pilot Project

Renegade Rick

July 22, 2020, 06:44 PM

Directly adjacent to the Cannonball Pathway, just south of the Beltline, lies Aldo Leopold Park and Elementary School. The MadBAT project that the City of Madison Parks Division is working on with IMBA Trail Solutions and CORP, has identified Aldo Leopold Park as a high priority bike park project location.

While the complete MadBAT study and findings are still being developed, discussions have been initiated regarding construction in 2021 of skills development trails, a bicycle playground, pumptracks, technical climbing trail, beginner flow trails off of the sledding hill, and a trail network in underutilized locations in the park. May even see a "Shred to School" trail like the original in Bentonville, AR.

To generate interest and feedback on potential bike park development, and as a way to provide a social distancing activity for kids and families this summer, Parks Staff and MadBAT planning team has initiated a Trail Pilot Project to get eyes and tires on the Aldo Leopold Park property. Over the past two weeks IMBA Trail Solutions flagged a 1/4 mile trail alignment, Park Operations staff mowed the trail the next day, temporary signage has been posted by Park staff, and CORP volunteers "burned in" a trail tread this past weekend with string trimmers and a few hot laps. CORP is working with Parks Staff on options for us to build temporary skills development features to be placed along this trail, more to come on that.

Local Riders! take a few laps on this short trail when riding by on your way to Seminole and Quarry Ridge.
Show Support! by putting tires on the trail and submit Bike Park development comments to
Volunteer! let CORP know if you'd like to lend a hand with maintaining the trail, building skills features, or be involved with the bike park design and development.

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July 22, 2020, 08:25 PM

Awesomeness! Is there information somewhere about future help needed with this project?


Board Member

July 23, 2020, 09:58 AM

Right now just riding and spreading good vibes. Maybe a little help trimming later on the summer. Letting elected officials know that you heard about it and are excited and would like to see it come to fruition and more like it. Madison Parks, in consultation with IMBA Trail Solutions, is doing most of the work for now. We’ll definitely get the word out when there are tasks for us.  But the plan now is for it to be pro-designed and-built, financed by the city, so there shouldn’t be a lot for us.



July 23, 2020, 01:08 PM