Trail Ambassador Program

Board Member

May 10, 2021, 10:13 PM

There are a great many new riders on the trails in the past year who may have questions about trail use, navigation, etiquette, technique, or any number of things.  And there are quite a few of us who could answer those questions.  We're kicking off a new Trail Ambassador program to help connect those two groups.  It's pretty simple:  If you are someone who some familiarity with how we do things around here, are willing to represent the club, and have a tendency toward friendliness and an ability to keep conversation positive, we'd like to enlist you and give you one of these sharp t-shirts (they are pretty nice technical shirts, comfortable in all weather).  Wear it when you're in a good mood (and aren't you always when you're on your bike?),  and are willing to stop and chat.  Then be the person you wish had come along when you were just getting started.  Send a message to if you are interested.

If you are someone who has questions or concerns while out on the trail, look for the yellow shirts.  And, Ambassadors, keep in mind that reaching out to folks who may not have any social media contact with CORP will be an important part of the program, so don’t hesitate to use the shirt and position as a way to introduce yourself to beginners, families, or others who look like a friendly face and helpful advice might improve their experience.