Pleasant View Update

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    January 13, 2022, 08:56 PM

    There is much going on out in Middleton, it should be an exciting year or so.

    The new trailhead is open:  Access is off HWY 14, turn south on Schwartz Rd.  For this winter, we're being asked to park on Schwartz Rd and ride up to the trailhead.  This is temporary, and will change once ski season is over (details here).  It's the result of running out of funds and time to enlarge the parking lot, but that should happen this summer.  There is also the issue of the gate, which, for a variety of reasons, is closed from 8pm to 8am, which oftentimes includes the best riding conditions.  That should also be addressed by next year.  In the spring, we'll be adding some amenities to the trailhead, though some will be temporary and there will be changes as construction continues.  If you are traveling to the trail by bike, the golf course road will continue to be your best bet.

    The pumptrack is on its way:  All signs indicate that the new pumptrack will go in this summer.  It will be a paved facility, similar to the Aldo Leopold installation, but likely somewhat bigger.  Funding is in place, we are putting together plans to put out a Request for Proposals very shortly, and have good reason to expect that we'll be able to get on a builder's schedule.  Nothing is ever for sure until it is happening, but we're reasonably confident and very excited.

    Singletrack expansion:  We're working on plans to expand the singletrack onto the Central Cross Country Ski property, which, if it works out, eliminate all of the two-way trail, add some mileage, and create a more beginner-friendly loop.  It's a complicated endeavor, with several parties involved, and more than a few dollars, but we're cautiously optimistic that we can make it work.  Not likely for 2022, but working on 2023.

    Keep in mind that there is currently no biking allowed on the CXC property, other than the road and the access to the trails from the parking lot.  It will go a long way toward helping future expansion if we can avoid conflict with skiers and land owners and managers, so please respect this request.

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