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2019 Trail Improvement Campaign

In the last few years, CORP's trail systems have undergone a tremendous expansion. This is largely thanks to your support, and we need it now, more than ever. What do we need? Money, How much? $80K.

For real. $80k will get our most used trail systems restored and upgraded to make them more sustainable, more accessible, and more fun!

To address this, we're kicking off our #SameTrailsBetter campaign. Please help with your valuable contribution. How about $100? How about asking your employer to match it? Contribute what you can, or become a CORP Member. Do it now.

CORP is a non-profit, 100% volunteer organization that depends on our community.

Still not convinced?

Capital Off Road Pathfinders

We build, maintain, advocate for, and ride south-central Wisconsin’s mountain bike trails.

If you ride off-road, you belong with us.

Joining CORP is simple. Get involved in our community by signing up on our online forum. Become a full member by joining IMBA.

When you join CORP as a full member, you add your voice to ours as we advocate for more and better riding opportunities. Help us speak for you!



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