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2019 Trail Improvement Campaign

The last few years have seen a tremendous expansion in the number and miles of trails that the Capital Off Road Pathfinders (CORP) manage.  Unfortunately, storm damage has accelerated erosion and exposed new problem areas which greatly detract from the riding experience.  CORP is at a point where maintaining the trails has become a real challenge.

To address this, we're kicking off our Same Trails Better campaign.  The objective is to restore and upgrade all our current trail systems to make them more sustainable, more accessible, and more fun!  Our goal is to raise $80,000 to bring in professional builders who can accomplish things in weeks that would take our volunteers years to achieve.

CORP is a non-profit, 100% volunteer organization that depends on our community. Ask us how you can help out, and know that your support is appreciated!


Capital Off Road Pathfinders

We build, maintain, advocate for, and ride south-central Wisconsin’s mountain bike trails.

If you ride off-road, you belong with us.

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