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Elected Board Officers
Jon Augspurger

Vice-President - Membership
Dan Dacko

Vice-President - Events
Bethany Kois

Caleb Bush

Panos Kourliouros

Appointed Board Officers
Central (Quarry Park, Quarry Ridge, Badger Prairie, and Seminole)
Timothy Barber

Near West (Pleasant View, Blackhawk, Cross Plains)
Rob Lewis

West (Blue Mound, Brigham, The Farm, and Sauk Recreation Area)
Gary Schweisthal

East (CamRock County Park, CamRock Bike Park, Northeast Park, and Sun Prairie)
Stacey Brickson

Appointed Non-Board Positions
Badger Prairie
Isaac Neff - Trail Steward

Patrick Remington - Trail Steward

Blue Mound State Park
Walter Hougas - Trail Steward
Gary Schweisthal - Assistant Trail Steward

Chuck Hutchens - Trail Steward
David Reece - Assistant Trail Steward

CamRock Bike Park
Pete Sonnentag - Trail Steward

Cross Plains
Michael Cliff - Trail Steward
Ron Knutowski - Assistant Trail Steward

The Farm
Greg Haack - Trail Steward

Northeast Park
Rob Lewis - Trail Steward

Pleasant View
William Lorman - Acting Trail Steward
Interested in volunteering for this open position?

Quarry Park
Dan Dacko - Trail Steward

Quarry Ridge
Michael Schrader -Trail Steward

Seminole Trails
Justin Roberts - Trail Steward

Sheehan Park
Chris Clinton - Trail Steward

Director of Web Presence
Rick Nowak

Finance Committee
Brian Donley
Panos Kourliouros

Technical Support
Rick Nowak & Gary Schweisthal

Mailing Address

Capital Off Road Pathfinders, Inc.
PO Box 44572
Madison, WI 53744

IRS EIN: 27-1680223

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