Contact Us

    Elected Board Officers
    Ben Neff

    Vice President - Operations

    Vice President - Events
    Em Meier
    Bob Hubanks (assistant)

    Freddy Astrada

    Kurt Jacobsen

    Appointed Board Officers
    Scott Conwell
    Jonathan Engle
    John Hintze
    Gary Schweisthal

    Appointed Non-Board Positions
    Badger Prairie
    Katie Kimberling - Trail Steward

    Pat Remington - Trail Steward
    Mike Dobrient - Assistant Trail Steward
    Jeff Hoerning - Assistant Trail Steward
    Laurence Meade - Assistant Trail Steward

    Blue Mound State Park
    Walter Hougas - Trail Steward
    Gary Schweisthal - Trail Steward

    Chuck Hutchens - Trail Steward
    David Reece - Assistant Trail Steward

    CamRock Bike Park
    Pete Sonnentag - Trail Steward

    Cross Plains
    Michael Cliff - Trail Steward
    Ron Knutowski - Assistant Trail Steward

    The Dam Trails at Alliant
    John Sauer - Trail Steward
    Geoff Ashworth - Trail Steward

    The Farm
    Greg Haack - Trail Steward

    Middleton Bike Park
    William Lorman - Trail Steward
    Randy Williams - Trail Steward

    New Glarus Woods
    Ben Neff - Trail Steward

    Northeast Park
    Rob Lewis - Trail Steward

    Oregon Town Park Trails
    Easton Lindert - Trail Steward

    Quarry Park
    Dan Dacko - Trail Steward

    Quarry Ridge
    Michael Schrader - Trail Steward

    Seminole Trails
    Justin Roberts - Trail Steward

    Sheehan Park
    Doug Rodenkirch - Co-Trail Steward
    Roy Bailey - Co-Trail Steward

    Supporting Roles
    Communications and Membership Chairperson
    Freddy Astrada

    Sponsorship Manager
    Keith Ritter

    Director of Web Presence
    Rick Nowak

    Finance Committee
    Kurt Jacobsen - Chair

    Technical Support
    Rick Nowak & Gary Schweisthal

    Mailing Address

    Capital Off Road Pathfinders, Inc.
    PO Box 44572
    Madison, WI 53744

    IRS EIN: 27-1680223

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