Capital Off-Road Pathfinders (CORP) is a 501(c)(3) International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) Chapter based in south-central Wisconsin. We are dedicated to building sustainable trails and creating environmentally responsible off road bicycling opportunities. If you’re looking for a riding partner, want to help build/design a trail, or just need info on local MTB trails this is where you want to be. We meet casually once a month at a local bike trail (warm night) or indoor location (cold) for general business, discussions, bike trip planning, trail building planning, and what-have-you. Summer location rotates between the local trail locations with a ride afterward. Winter location to be announced on a monthly basis. All encouraged to come for the ride, the meet, or both.

Check out our event calendar to find out what is going on.

What is the IMBA Chapter Program?

The chapter program is IMBA’s newest initiative to create a unified voice for mountain bikers. Simply put, the mountain bike movement is stronger when local and national organizations work in tandem to create great trail experiences. IMBA has the professional full-time staff, the database capabilities and the institutional knowledge to make an impact, while local clubs have the relationships and (most importantly) the trails. Together, we can increase access and bring more people to the ride!

The Chapter program is based on joint membership; one renewal, one card, one voice. To achieve this, IMBA will handle all the back office processes of joining, reducing administrative burdens and providing chapters with the tools for success. (Click here for additional information on the International Mountain Bike Association's Chapter program.)

CORP was the 1st official Chapter of IMBA in Wisconsin.


Joining CORP is simple. Join our online forum for free and become a full member by joining IMBA. All IMBA members are CORP members if they live in our geographic region and choose CORP as their local chapter. IMBA members outside of the Dane County area can become full members of CORP by associating with Capital Off-Road Pathfinders from your IMBA profile.

Elected Board Officers
 Jon Augspurger

Vice-President - Membership
 Dan Dacko

Vice-President - Events
 Patty Glines-Kotecki

 Caleb Bush

 OPEN - Brian Donley

Appointed Board Officers
Dennis Law
Rob Lewis
Gary Schweisthal

Appointed Non-Board Positions
Badger Prairie
 OPEN - Trail Steward

 Patrick Remington - Trail Steward

Blue Mound State Park
 Walter Hougas - Trail Steward
 Gary Schweisthal - Assistant Trail Steward

 Chuck Hutchens - Trail Steward

CamRock Bike Park
 Peter Sonnentag - Trail Steward

Cross Plains
 Michael Cliff - Trail Steward
 Ron Knutowski - Assistant Trail Steward

The Farm
 Greg Haack - Trail Steward

Northeast Park
 Rob Lewis - Trail Steward

Pleasant View
 John Corse - Trail Steward
 David Boivin - Assistant Trail Steward
 Garrett Krueger - Assistant Trail Steward

Quarry Park
 Dan Dacko - Trail Steward

Quarry Ridge
 Michael Schrader -Trail Steward

Seminole Trails
 Steve Kotajarvi - Trail Steward

Sun Prairie Trails
 Chris Clinton - Trail Steward

Technical Terrain Features (TTFs)
 Josh Henry
 David Reece

Director of Web Presence
 Rick Nowak

Battle of CamRock
 Scott Nyland - Race Director

Finance Committee
Brian Donley

Technical Support

 Rick Nowak
 Gary Schweisthal

Mailing Address

Capital Off Road Pathfinders, Inc.
PO Box 44572
Madison, WI 53744

IRS EIN: 27-1680223

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The CORP Bylaws are available upon request.

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