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March 07, 2021, 08:57 AM

The Vice President - Events position is currently open.  The work of the Board is generally is to oversee and expedite all of the work that CORP does, and all members take part in this work.  In addition, the VP - Events is tasked with heading up the Events Committee and overseeing club events.  This entails conceiving events, working with partners, hosts and sponsors, delegating specific tasks and anything else that might come along.  These can range from trail workdays and group rides, to having booths at larger events, to major fundraisers.  This is an elected position, and the individual who takes it on will serve until club elections are held at the 2021 Annual Meeting.

Here's the position description from our Bylaws:  "The Vice-President-Events is responsible for scheduling, coordinating, and expediting major club events and functions and coordinating with the Vice-President-Membership, and other duties from time to time as may be assigned by the President or the Board."

Obviously, the current situation concerning evens is a little different than normal, but we're expecting the return of some outdoor events during the summer of 2021.  Our events are an important part of club operations, both for building community and for raising funds, so a bit of creativity may be needed for the next few months.

If you or someone you know are able to work with others, are well-organized, enjoy a party, and are enthusiastic about building on the great local mountain biking scene, send your name and a brief description of why you'd like to serve to   Any questions can be sent to the same address, or asked in response to this post.

Thanks for considering!

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