2017 Volunteer Work Day

    Walt Hougas
    Trail Steward - Blue Mound SP
    To Be A Man...

    May 09, 2017, 08:22 PM

    We're coming up on our May 20th work day. While we are unfortunately at a standstill with the planned professional improvements to the Beginner Loop and Over Lode Trail, we will continue to make hand repairs to Holy Schist. Although this isn't exactly what I hoped to be doing this spring, I'm determined to keep making progress on making the trails at Blue Mound more accessible to a wider range of riders, and to continue fixing erosion problems.

    Meet at the pool lot by 9 AM on Saturday*. CORP will provide tools and guidance. No experience needed. Volunteers should bring water, gloves, and their most sturdy footwear. Long pants are highly recommended. Bringing a snack will help get you through the work.

    We will work until about 1 PM.  I'll bring some refreshments and snacks for anyone who wants to hang around and chat afterward.

    *If you get to the park late and the work crew has departed, you can find us by hiking out on Holy Schist the same way it's usually ridden. We will be working very close to where the number 6 is on the attached map.