Late season trail improvements

    Walt Hougas
    Trail Steward - Blue Mound SP
    To Be A Man...

    December 01, 2017, 06:54 PM

    Sub-freezing days are in the forecast starting Wednesday, Dec. 6th.  Starting that day the trails should be open again for a stretch. Thanks to everyone who has stayed off the trails while they are undergoing their late fall freeze/thaw cycling. We've had little to no problem with riders making ruts and churning up mud, your self restraint is much appreciated!

    Gary and I have been busy. Look for trail improvements on Holy Schist just past the Willow Springs Trail crossing affecting the first two descents. Also on Pokerville, south east of the park garage. And Home Stretch, the last 1/8 mile. The work on Home Stretch isn't quite done as of today, Dec. 1st, but I hope to add an excellent new rock garden to the trail, and an improved approach/landing zone that will finally make the big rock lip work correctly as a jump.

    Your crummy riding weather is my trail building paradise!