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    Sheehan Park’s mountain bike trails consist of a 2-3 mile loop thru the southern part of the park. The trails include a green beginner/novice loop with tight turns over a humped prairie and some sections winding thru small forests. This widely mown singletrack loop is suitable for both mountain bikes, cyclocross riding, and push bikes.

    Blue, or intermediate, sections are available along the route offering challenges for those seeking a little more challenge. Most of these blue sections are tighter singletrack through forests and may include drops, rock gardens, and skills courses.

    The course is marked with green and blue directional arrows. Please note the clockwise trail direction.

    We recommend riders hitting Sheehan Park for the first time do one loop on the green to get a "lay of the land" and then consider the blue options on additional loops.

    Please remember to thank volunteers if seen on the trails. These trails exist due to their efforts as well as support from members of the Sun Prairie Interscholastic Youth Team and Sun Prairie’s Red Fury.

    Please pay attention to trail warnings regarding weather.

    Winter Riding:

    Sheehan Park’s singletrack mountain bike trails are open during the winter, pending weather.

    • Please only ride on the trails when frozen.
    • We recommend tires wider than 3.8" in the winter for best experience and to not damage the trail.
    • We encourage snowshoeing on fresh snow to help pack down (groom) the trails. If you arrive right after fresh snow fall, consider hitting the trails with snowshoes and then riding your fat bike.

    Sheehan Park, Sun Prairie, WI

    Singletrack trails over hardpack, some loam in the forests, and sections of roots and rocks.

    The full loop is just shy of 3 miles.

    The trail is accessible via the south side of Sheehan Park. We recommend parking in the lot near the baseball fields and skate park off of S. Ball St, though you could park in any of the park lots and ride over. From the south parking lot, follow the dirt/grass trail over to the start of the loop. There is a large stone trailhead.

    Questions or Concerns?

    Roy Bailey - Trail Steward
    Kevin Blake - Trail Steward
    TJ Vita - Trail Steward

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