Lets drain the swamp!

    Trail Steward - CamRock

    November 16, 2016, 12:25 PM

    Just a little humor in this crazy world ;)
    Well we are going to get rid of the mud hole, or Hog Waller as some of us have affectionately been calling it. But it's got to go! Actually that whole section of trails needs some love. We are going to armor the crossings. Make some grade reversals. And deberm some of that trail. So lets get out there and get after it!

    Who: You, that's who! Trails need the riders who use them to give back. And as many of your friends as you can bring. Make it fun!
    What: Repairing a part of the trail that has failed.
    Where: Meet at the CORP garage in Cambridge. 301 W Water Street. If you are running late: Meet on the trail. Right after the bench by the creek. Head south and we will be between there and the prairie.
    When: Sunday, November 20 @ 2p.
    Why: The trail has failed. It is our duty as Stewards to make it sustainable.

    The Pack does not play until late night. If you have not gotten your deer by Sunday noon you are a sorry excuse for a hunter. If you are out of town hunting, well then you aren't hunting, you are partying  :o
    So lets take care of some trail!

    ~ Chuck Hutchens