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    November 25, 2016, 11:53 PM

    This Portal page is meant to be a more simplified version of the Primer, also posted in this forum. There are really only 2 parts to our Google setup.  3 if you include gmail, but you can check your email just like any gmail account.

    CORP user accounts are now set up as follows: firstname.lastname@madcitydirt.com.   If you don't know or need to reset your password, please contact admin@madcitydirt.com.  If you specify a backup email address, you should be able to reset the password yourself.

    Google Drive


    This is document storage.  Agendas & minutes, treasury reports, trail maps, pictures, project documents, etc. can be found or filed here.

    You can also install the Google Drive app on your mobile devices.

    The key thing to do here, initially, is find the "CORP" folder under "Shared with me", right-click and "Add to My Drive".  This will make the CORP folder appear in "My Drive", so you don't have to dig for it in all your shared folders and files.  Search for things you can't find.  If you don't have permission to do what you need to do (view a folder/file, or make changes to a file, etc.), contact the administrator.

    Google Groups


    These are discussion groups that also act as email archives and permission groups for the Drive.  There are two tabs, My Groups, and Browse All.  These are pretty self-explanatory.  Any groups you are a member of will appear under My Groups.  If you want to join a group you are not a member of, use Browse All to find it, and join from there.  You do not need to join a group to participate or view previous emails/posts, but you will not receive email unless you do. You can participate in joined groups by simply replying to group emails, or sending mail to the group email address.  Accessing the groups via a web browser is a bit more full-featured, like a forum, and you can see past discussions even if you weren't part of that group then.

    Trail stewards are managers of their trail group.  There are also a few committees and special interest groups, like fat biking.  Managers can add and remove members, and members can invite other people to join.  Use these however you wish... posting updates, request for help, reporting problems, group rides, ride reports, etc.  They can be used to create To Dos which can be completed by users of the group.  Please feel free to test out the groups by emailing your group address, and posting to the group via your web browser.

    CORP Gmail


    This is simply a shortcut to your CORP email. Some people might find this useful. You can also access your email as you would any other gmail account.

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