Lets get it started! It's CamRock Trail Day!

    Trail Steward - CamRock

    April 01, 2017, 07:00 AM

    Today is the day! Finally time to get the summer dirt riding season going! And with this weather we are days or hours away from having rideable trails!
    Who: Anyone who loves to ride, or knows someone who loves to use the trails. All ages.
    What: CamRock Trail Day. Build some new trail. Add some cool features. Make the trails more sustainable. Good stuff!
    When: Today at 9a! Going until 1p.
    Where: CamRock Sport. If you come later, come to the CamRock III parking area (but no guarantee there will be any good donuts left ;-) There will be a crew building right off the parking lot. 
    Why: Because we all love to ride and the trails don't build and maintain themselves folks! Time to give back.
    Wear some clothes you can get dirty, and bring gloves and work boots if you have them.
    It is a beautiful day. Cool start. The sun is shining. 50 degrees by noon. In other words, perfect!
    If you need to come late or leave early, don't sweat it. Come and contribute as much as you can.
    See you on the trails!

    ~ Chuck Hutchens