Aug 9th workday for new CX practice area

    CX Rob
    Trail Steward - Northeast Park
    Trail Steward

    August 05, 2017, 11:17 AM

    This is very exciting for those looking for improved areas to ride and practice cyclocross! 

    Isaac Neff has been working with the Dane Country Park's this summer to allow us to improve the cyclocross riding at Badger Prairie. Not only have they agreed to allow us to do this, they have mowed new trails in the field by the mountain bike trail head and dog park that are designed specifically for cyclocross training and practice.

    We will have a trail workday on Wednesday August 9th (4pm to ?) to clean up the trails and build some features to make the area even better.

    If you can join and have an old mower, weed eater or garden rake(s), please bring them!

    This event is a great way to help improve cyclocross riding in Dane County and Badger Prairie even more.
    A huge thanks goes to Brian Berkan with the Dane County Parks for helping make this happen.

    One thing we ask all people who ride in any Dane County Park is to buy a trail pass, this helps keep the parks as nice as they are.

    Hope to see you there on the 9th.