New Tools for Trimming at Pleasant View

    July 31, 2022, 12:50 PM

    Pleasant View is in need of volunteers for weeding trimming!

    We recognize that trimming Chip Shot, Slice, and Mulligan has been a major hassle in the past, largely for the need to do a three mile round trip from the trail head lugging the trimmer and gas along for the ride. To remedy this, we have installed a new tool shed just off the trail on the upper section of Chip Shot, about 20 yards up trail from the little rock garden. In this tool shed is a small assortment of various trail tools, but more importantly, a new Stihl string trimmer, spare string, and plenty of gas. The combination for the lock is the same as the trail head box (if you don’t know that combination, email me about volunteering!)

    If you have an hour or so to spare, please consider trimming back critical sections of trail. I did Chip Shot and the nearby section of berms on Slice today. Current high priority sections are:

    -The Fairway prairie (note the old string trimmer is still in the trailhead box).

    -All of Mulligan