Battle of Camrock survives the rain

    CORP President
    Board Member

    June 10, 2024, 09:52 PM

    This year’s Battle of Camrock race on Sunday, June 2nd went off surprisingly well considering all of the rain that came down on Saturday. That was unfortunate as we were hoping to show off all of the newly completed work at Outback and Mayors Playground during CORPfest. 780 racers turned out but if not for the rain it would have been closer to 900, along with a larger number of spectators.

    A BIG THANK YOU: to TREK for being a great partner, to all the fantastic volunteers that made the event happen, to Dane County Parks, and of course all of the racers that make this a great event! We’re already excited and looking forward to the Battle of CamRock 2025!