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    Private Club. Membership Required. But not a private club like Bushwood Country Club. It is a 501(c)(3) educational organization whose primary purpose is to develop and promote youth sports in the Madison area. Annual mountain bike/hike memberships (April 1-March 31) are available for students ($25), adults ($45) and families ($90). Other types of memberships (e.g., Nordic skiing) includes mountain biking. Visit the Blackhawk Ski Club website to become a member.

    Trails have been designed to make the most of the elevation change that made the old-time ski jumpers locate their club here. You will find a range of trails from easy to very difficult, accessible to beginners and challenging for experts. Our trails connect to the Middleton Bike Park, thanks to an easement provided by the Erdman family.

    We also offer youth and adult instruction each summer, ranging from our own lessons (see: https://blackhawkskiclub.org/programs/youth-mountain-bike-lessons) to a partnership with Ninja Mountain Bike Performance (see: https://ridelikeaninja.com/wisconsin/).

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    Pat Remington - Trail Steward
    Mike Dobrient - Assistant Trail Steward
    Jeff Hoerning - Assistant Trail Steward
    Laurence Meade - Assistant Trail Steward

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